Securing the foundation

Goodbye to my good friend 2018 and welcome to life, 2019!   


This year has been beyond amazing as I reflect over the last 365 days.  While reviewing my vision board, I see how my life has grown and updated itself through the powers of visualization, diligence, and faith.  It feels good to say I have completed every goal set, and began every journey longed for.  

It was all about living out loud... 

In 2018 I didn’t just talk about my truth and the process, I lived it.  I faced fears, leveled up, and did what I wanted to do for ME.  Some may believe my greatest accomplishments this year was the release of my 2nd and 3rd book, or the many trips I’ve taken, or even my 2nd Master’s graduation.  I personally believe my greatest accomplishments are the battles I fought behind the scenes.  The battles with my mind, doubt, and naysayers were the strongest to overcome... and I did.  

I know I’m not the only one.  You have some accomplishments and victories from this year that deserves celebration too.  Here’s to a victorious year and year to come!