30 Minutes each day can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

What if I told you that you can complete some of those goals you keep putting off, because of time?  What if I told you, "All you need is 30 minutes!" Would you believe me? 30 minutes doesn't seem like much, but it is actually more than you think.

If you're still reading... let's talk a little more.

So often, we speak of goals that we would like to accomplish if we had MORE TIME.  It seems as if there is never enough time in the day to go to work, take care of family/children, be active, keep a clean home, and still find some time for yourself.  Our activities begin to run into each other and it sometimes turns into a constant cycle of anxiety.  What are you doing for you?

Burnout makes everything bigger than it really is

One day, I was having a talk with my mentor about time and carving out those moments to work on what I'm aiming towards.  It was during this conversation that she reminded me of a practice I had done before, while writing my book, They Never Told.  Instead of looking at the big picture everyday, I focused on small pieces each day until it was complete.  Sometimes when we are tired, that burnout makes every thing appear much bigger and demanding than it really is.  

30 minutes a day: THAT'S IT!

When I released the book "They Never Told", common comments I heard were:

"How in the world did you write a book while teaching and going to school?!"

"I couldn't have done that."

"I've always wanted to write a book."

"I don't know how you had the time."

The truth is, it was difficult, but most definitely possible.  How so? I made a point to devote at least 30 minutes a day to process of writing.  Those 30 minutes were spent either writing, researching, interviewing, transcribing data, building website, etc.  I found that I became more overwhelmed when I only looked at the end result/big picture.  This was similar to the old saying, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.  

You can do the same thing, whatever that goal is... You can start TODAY.  

I would like to challenge you to start today.  Whatever that goal or project is, break it into smaller pieces and take the hardest step, which is starting.  Just think, if you spent 30 minutes a day on your project, that would equate to about 15 hours of work each month and 180 hours a year.  180 hours equal about 4 1/2 weeks of full time work (40 hours a week).  By the end of the year you can honestly have more done than you may be thinking from reading this.  

Finding time is the biggest step!

Now, where can we fit this 30 minutes a day?  Are you able to wake up a little earlier before starting your day?  Can you spare pushing your bedtime back? Or how about your social media and television usage:  How much time do you spend on that a day?  Your lunch break, maybe you can work while you eat.  Airplane rides, the doctor's office, and non-formal events are all places we can find time as well.  

So you've read this... now what?  Well, I hope it means that you are about to start planning out this goal or project.  I can't wait to support our endeavors, who is in with me?!