Are your strengths a weakness?

Have you ever wondered how you may have different relationships with different people or how you excel in certain areas more than others? This is something we are not often taught to look at within ourselves. How is it that you can be the same person in all situations and each situation can end differently?

It’s actually pretty simple…

Our strengths can also be viewed as a weakness, depending on the context. For example, I can be seen as a free spirited, sometimes loud and feisty, control freak (depending on who is speaking on me). Many would also consider me a deep empath, while others would take this as being insecure. These are all actually strengths of mine when it comes to building a business, setting goals and reaching them, intuitive understanding, and excelling academically/professionally. Unfortunately, these same characteristics can be viewed as a negative to others who do not fit the same context.

I’m sure you can relate….

Have you ever been told you’re too emotional, too quiet, or selfish? Hearing these things from people can sometimes hurt, definitely when it’s from someone close to us. It can hurt so bad that we consider changing those very things that are strengths in other areas of our life. In some areas we can safely turn into a chameleon and adjust to the setting. For example,

Just don’t compromise your core…

Whatever you do, be confident in yourself and what you offer this world. Think long and hard before you push to change pieces of yourself to fit a social context. When we change solely for someone else, we are doing ourselves an injustice which can lead to anxiety problems and depression. Personally, I am still working on that whole “time and place for everything” saying. shrug

Just be you…

Those who love you and seek to understand you won’t try to change you; they will ask questions before assuming. With that open communication you can find the middle ground of what works for you both. If they aren’t willing? Honestly, I say forget it and keep doing you. shrug We have one life to live, and we will never be happy disguising our true selves to appease another.

So, here’s to accepting those strengths, acknowledging their limitations, and seeking to understand others as well!


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