Monica Bester, MSW, M.Ed

"The old way didn't work"

To be passionate, is to care about something so deeply that nothing else can take its place.  No matter your love for something new, those things you are passionate about remain the same.  I would define myself as someone with many passions that boil down to one: An advocate for others.  As the oldest child it became apart of my nature early on to protect, care for, speak out for, and want the best for all my siblings and those I loved.  This love transitioned into my everyday life. I come from a strong background of helpers; people who were always willing to take their shirt off for your warmth instead.  

"I learned more from seeing and observing, than hearing".

Since a young child I have loved to write.  I would write short stories, fiction, music lyrics, and poetry to name a few. So of course writing a book would be somewhere in there.  But, I wasn't ready for it yet.  I had to experience a little more life, meet a few more people, and change a few more traditional thoughts in my head.  While doing this, I learned more from seeing and observing, than hearing.

"Happiness is created, not a guaranteed emotion".

But one day the flower began to bloom when the pain was no longer bearable.  I began to learn how to live.  From my various interactions with people, each person has taught me a valuable life lesson.  Happiness is created, not a guaranteed emotion.  It wasn't until I almost lost myself, when looking for myself, that I noticed I had been hiding from the world for so many years.  A few people would see me, but I preferred to be in the background. I kept it all to myself.  I didn't open up easily...  I had lost balance. 

So what is my why?  My why is simply "life".  It was when I lost my 3rd close friend near the same time of year as the others, my birthday... I noticed I had not been living.  I celebrated a birthday every year, and most of those were lived in silence, away in the shadows, and afraid to fully embrace my true potential.  The old way didn't work.  It was never good for me. Subscribe here for updates on the journey.


MY Mission

To encourage and provide needed help and support for you to live in your personal truth, while respecting your neighbor in the process by reminding us we are all on a journey.

“The Journey of A 1000 miles, begins with a single step”
— Lao Tzu, Proverb