My Motivation left

I stopped writing before I met you.  Which is probably why I don't mind...The desire to pick up a pen and write away my heart's deepest feelings was nonexistent.  But with you it flows out of me like wine.

Anger, hurt, guilt, fear... they all seemed to rush the dance floor of my brain. I was going to explode if I wasn't able to wave it out.  

I miss the feeling of not writing though.  The pleasure of no aching fingers and wrists excites me.  Writing is painful.  I write when it's painful.  My silence is painful. Yet, my words can be even more painful.  

I don't want to write anymore.   

Why don't we talk anymore?

Yahl, why are we so quick to text, when a phone call can be more productive?  It's like, in our inability to verbalize our true feelings, it's easier to hide behind the words.  How can we put it together?