To jump or stay still

Sometimes I want to open up, then other times I want to remain closed off.  Why do I care what you think?  Why do I care about your reaction?  What is it, that is holding me attached and hostage to this thing?  What exactly is this thing I’m experiencing?  Oftentimes, I answer my questions with questions.

I’m not alone.  I know I’m not.  We spend so much time figuring out what we want to tell the world, our best friend, and ourselves.  We share select details with individual friends and have the common story we tell them all.  Why is it?  Why is it so hard for us to live in our truth 100% of the time?  I’m not writing this because I have found the solution.  I’m writing it because I want you to know that I go through it too.

Some days I allow myself to be reserved when I want to share, and other days I talk more than my heart planned for.  We can’t always predict what must be done.  Just allow it to be.