The Simple Things...

Sometimes I go back and read my old writing.  They often reveal messages I am in need of remembering at the present.  Maybe it's something you need as well :-)


March 25, 2011

Dear Diary,

The simplest things can put a smile on someone's face, the most complex conversation can go beyond limits without a trace. The things in life that are most forgotten are so easy yet hard to do.  We tend to look only on the surface, instead of searching to see through.  Exploring another's mind searching their mentality for answers, swimming in the shallow end expecting the unexpected to transfer. 

A friend we find in another, as they open your eyes to the unforeseen.  Making connections that not even an open eye could discover what it means.  From the goodmorning to the goodnight wrapped around the joy in between, enjoying the laughs and the smiles as you make her feel like a queen.  Touching her heart through your voice, caressing her sorrows with your care.  Wiping the tears with your enthusiasm, bonding two opposites, breaking barriers you thought couldn't bare.