Times flies when you're....

Taking care of business and sometimes DOING TOO MUCH!

It's amazing just how fast time flies when you have alot on your plate! I didn't even realize I hadn't posted a blog in over two months! *Face Palm* These past two months have been a whirlwind of constant movement.  From finishing up the publishing of "They Never Told", completing the last semester of my Master's program, staying afloat as a Teacher, and still finding time to talk to family and have a personal life; it has been alot!  Because of that, I had to take a breather, regroup, and re-prioritize.

It's ok to take a break when you need it though.  Sometimes, your responsibilities can become so demanding that its hard to identify the best way to prioritize.  I had to accept this as fact and stop beating myself up when I'm unable to physically do everything.  Don't beat yourself up either!

When you're done, take a moment to find your second wind if you need it.  Take a break if you need to, in order to find balance.

With that being said, SOOOO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! Here are some highlights:

- They Never Told was released on 3/10!  You can order a copy here.

- We have hosted successful book tours in the following cities: Milan, MI; Muskegon, MI; Detroit, MI: Lansing, MI; and Memphis, TN

- I was accepted into the Doctoral Program of my choice, and will begin Fall 2018

- I turned 30 years old on 3/30!  *Live life like it's GOLDEN!*

- Hopped on a plane a couple times

- Two friends passed away, and are now resting in the afterlife *Rest in Love*

Somehow, with the many things that have been going on around me, the Universe has kept me together.  There's something about finding your peace, even when it is hardest... Because my closest people know I am the definition of DOING TOO MUCH!  Thank you to my close family and friends who have been SUPER supportive during this time with everything.  Its all love!  

To everyone finding themselves stuck, tired, confused, or feeling as if you are doing too much... just know you are not alone.  Just take this time to step back, breathe, reorganize, and keep walking forward.

Breathe.  It's YOUR truth. We will be here when you come back.