THE WAIT IS OVER: They Never Told!

The wait is officially over!

"They Never Told" Pre-Orders have officially been released to the public!  I'm very excited, with a hint of nervousness, to share with you this journey of 4 adults who are survivors of childhood sexual assault.  None of the assaults were reported to the police/authorities for various reasons; this is a truth that many youth and adults have lived throughout history and present.  Research says about 2/3 of sexual assaults go un-reported; I wonder why?? 

Pre-reader "Man, that was an emotional read.  I love how you really broke it down in part 2.  I pray that this book is read by many many many people.  The world needs this!" - N.M

In They Never Told, you will be connected to the journey of 4 adults through the use of anecdotes and stories of their journey.  In the 2nd half of the book you will be challenged to look at behaviors you may possess, that can either positively or negatively affect you having a trusting relationship with the youth in your life.  How would you self-rate yourself?  They Never Told, is for parents, social service professionals, and other adults who interact with youth daily.  Order your copy here!

Pre-reader: "This book is amazing!!!! I just started and I can't put it down." - M.B

The goal of They Never Told, is to reach the heart of the issue, and see what we as people may be doing, that is keeping our children silent.  With over 66% of sexual assaults going un-reported; it only makes you wonder how many of those are from repeat offenders?  "What ifs" get us nowhere, so what can we do to change the narrative for the future?  Grab your copy here!

Pre-reader: "I FEEL SO CONNECTED TO YOU AND THAT'S WHAT A GOOD BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU FEEL... I'm living in my truth with you! You are giving me strength to know everything will be ok.  I am not alone on this journey." - N.G.