It's My Anniversary!

As we prepare to close out the Month of October, I want to send a major thank you to all the subscribers and readers of!!!!

It was October 2017 when I released to the world! After months of working and building the site, I was beyond excited to share that enjoyment with you. Since it’s release so much has happened.

  1. I have released two books:

  2. Over 1000 unique readers have been reached! This may be small to some, but it is big to me :-)

  3. Have been guest featured on radio shows and online networks to bring awareness to Sexual Assault

  4. Provided Training on Trauma Informed Care and Intentional Self-Care

  5. Networked with hundreds of beautiful people and authors

Over the course of this year, I have learned a lot about the industry, people, and most importantly myself. If it wasn’t for the support of loved ones, I wouldn’t have made it to one year. As I work on my next book, my goal is to use what I have learned to help others on their journey. I have a couple large projects in the works to premier in 2019. As much as I want to tell you now, I’m going to wait a litttttttle longer I’m sorry! All in all, they are all projects that will uplift, build, and acknowledge people and communities often overlooked in the narrative. #LiveOutLoud

Thank you for helping me further develop, grow, and build awareness, I love forward to working with you in the future.

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Much Love,

Moe Nicole

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