It’s time for an “Energy Check”

The best thing about traveling and flying, is that you have the opportunity to meet new people from different lands.  It’s oftentimes better when the person doesn’t look like you, because they may be able to share something you need at that time.  Prior to boarding the plane back from Mexico 🇲🇽 I remember dreading the return to reality and everything that was on my to-do list.  


That changed quickly... 


In my carryon bag was a Mexican Flag attached to a long wooden stick. So long, that it hung outside of my bag.  As I was attempting to get in my seat, the stick stabbed my neighbor in the “rear end” *oops*!  Instead of getting upset, he made a joke of it, and began a conversation with me. Who knew this flag would be the beginning of a much needed exchange with a stranger.  


We began to talk and share what we did for a living.  


Then the wisdom began to pour... 

He began to share the concept of time, energy, importance, and affect.  We often spend so much time thinking about or attempting to solve issues and problems we have NO CONTROL over.  After spending so much time in the day wallowing over what we can’t change, we have no energy left to do everything we NEED to do.   


How do we change this?


We change it by simply placing our focus on the things that we can control AND are important.  By changing those priorities, we are able to preserve energy for the things that matter.  For example, instead of being in deep thought about something that happened yesterday let’s replace it with thoughts of how you can influence your day today.  Instead of wallowing over how someone hurt you, focus on making changes regarding characteristics to look for next time in a person. 


We have the control... 


Today, I challenge us all to look at where our energy is going. Are we tired by the end of the day, with nothing to show for all the energy we let out?  Let’s work harder to prioritize what’s important and control what we can... Everything else?  Let. It. Go.